I ♥ data visualistion

Use your data to explore, understand and explain

What I can do for you


I will work with you and your team to understand what you are trying to achieve, your data sources and analysis, so that we can design and build the best data visualisations for your context.


I can review your existing data visualisations (reports, presentations, web) and provide recommendations for potential improvements and enhancements.


I can work with the data tools and branding guidelines that are available to you, to develop the design specifications and solutions for review and implementation, by your designers or analysts, or by me. I work hard to make sure the designs allow your audiences to understand, explore and engage with your data.


I can deliver final products where called upon for print, analytic tools and web. I can work with your applications of choice, such as D3.JS, R (including ggplot2), Tableau, Kumu and GIS tools, as well as the Adobe and Microsoft suites.


Often the data visualisations we produce need to be reused – monthly reports, presentation templates. I can work with your team to ensure that the pipeline from data, analysis, design and presentation is efficient and effective.

Business analysis


Nice to meet you

I live and work in Christchurch, New Zealand. Originally from the UK, I am a business analyst with a particular passion for presenting data and complex information. I have over 10 years experience working in IT and government, and enjoy the challenge of analysing and presenting the complex environments in which we work. I work with Redvespa - please contact them if you require business analysis services, or would like to see how I may help your business with visualising your data.