Beeswarm plot

Below is an example of a "beeswarm" plot, which I developed for the Makeover Monday weekly data project.

The charts shows the top 500 YouTube games channels, with the number of video views and subscribers for each channel. The channels are grouped by SocialBlade's rating for each channel, which is based the "channel's influence based on a variety of metrics including average view counts and amount of "other channel" widgets listed in."

Beeswarm plots are great for showing the distribution of the dataset as a whole: you can see the range and from the shape of the "swarm", while showing each data point.  The algorithm tries to position each dot as close as posible to its X axis value, without overlapping each other. As such, the beeswarm plot sacrifices some precision in favour of preventing the overlap. Alternatively, you could use a strip plot, violin plot box-and-whiskers plot or histogram to show the distribution.

This visualisation is built using D3.JS version 4, based on the force network chart type.

Top 500 YouTube game channels (as at 3 March 2017)

What does Machinima have to do to be "A" rated?

Data source: SocialBlade